Friday, November 13, 2009

The Trial Version of Subway

They are saying "Subway Opened for Trial" .. What exactly do they mean by that statement ?? ;)

This is a subway located near Bommanahalli Bus stop, Bangalore.

PS: Thanks to my colleague Mr. Rajiv who captured this image :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Bike's First Anniversary

Yes. It is the first anniversary for my bike today. I traveled around 5000 Kilometers in this one year's duration and the ride was smooth. There are no complaints and I am completely satisfied with its performance. But ofcourse there were few minor damages to my bike such as
  • I lost the original set of keys in the month of April.
  • I had to replace the right mirror of my bike when an autowallah banged that in the month of May
I am wishing happy birthday to my bike on this eve :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A ride with "Drunken Auto Walla"

I happened to visit Tirchy recently on an official work. After the work was done, I went to srirangam kovil and had a good darshan. I hired an Auto to go to busstand from srirangam. The auto guy asked me 150 rs and I bargained him for 100 rs and with out any arguments he accepted. I felt proud of my self :) for that deal. The auto driver appeared as a middle age man . After getting inside, I told him to go to the destination as soon as possible. It was fine until then.

After few minutes, I noticed the auto was going in zig-zag fashion. But I didn't pay much attention to that as I was in conversation with one my friends on phone. Suddenly the zig-zag pattern became too much annoying as the driver started trying to bang the vehicles coming in the opposite direction. I asked him to drive carefully and for that he replied "Don worry Sir, I am super man". I was shocked as I didn't expect that kind of English resposne from him. He used the same wordings as such and that is when i realized that he was drunken. I asked him to stop the auto . He didn't care that and continued his blabbering. He said, "you said go fast. we going fast. no worry". I had no other option other than listening to his stupid blabbering. Below are few excerpts from his blabbering
  • "We are going to bus stand safely. I drive like this always. Boost is the secret of my energy"
  • "You know, 35 years back I am a player. Don think cricket player. i am a football player. I am an umpire and kick the players"
  • "Why u fear? No fear"... etc etc
He used the exact English as above. After some time, by gods grace he some how took me to the destination and luckily he stopped me there with out any dilemma. I got down and gave him the money. He refused to take the money and asked me to wait there and listen to his football story. This is what I call as the heights of nuisance created by a drunken person. I kept the money on the back seat and escaped from that place. Thank God, the traffic was really low that time. Otherwise, I couldn't imagine the after effects of his zig-zag driving...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

IPL 2009

Its IPL saga every where. The war is on again. 8 Teams and unlimited amount of T20 fun. for a period of two months. Also there is lot of anxiety to see the concept of Kolkata Knight Riders multiple captains in action. If I am asked to pick the favourites of the tournament I would say it is Chennai Super Kings. They were really excellent in the last edition itself. It is just that the luck did n't favour them. With Flintoff being in the team, CSK looks stronger.

Another team to watch is Bangalore Royal challengers. Kevin Petersien being the captain, BRC looks really challenging. Delhi Dare Devils appear to live up to their name with Sehwag and Gambhir being in great from. But except these two, there are no stronger batsmen in their team. Deccan chargers still looks strong on the paper. But we have to see how they are going to perform this season. On the other hand, Rajasthan Royals being the defending champions may continue their success just like the last season. The Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab might give some unexpected surprises.

I am more eager to watch out the performances of following players who made their mark in the last season.

Yusuf Pathan [Rajasthan royals]
Ravindra Jadeja [Rajasthan royals]
Asnodkar [Rajasthan royals]
D Ravi Teja [Deccan Chargers]
Venugopal Rao [Deccan Chargers]
Rohit Sharma [Deccan Chargers]
Robin Uthappa[BRC]
Virat Kohli [BRC]

On the whole, it is going to be a great summer... :)